Essences healing card circle

Essences Healing Card Circle & Reading Consultations

“The circle is a continuum of time; the cards pick up each particle of your mind. They are a stroke of genius from long ago.”

When Nancy Parker, Founder of Shell Essences, first photographed the Shells that make up
the range of Shell Essences, she received guidance from the Healing Light Order that guides the Shell Essences to create them into Healing Light Cards.

On the back of each photograph of the Shell, there is a mantra or affirmation when you say this, you open the Central Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, activating a healing harmonic energy.

The energy and healing received from the Shell Essences Healing Cards never ceases to amaze me!

When you book your reading, you will receive a photo of your Shell Essences Healing Card Circle and voice recorded reading with further explanations of the Shell Essences helping you.

Investment: £25