Practitioner workshops

  • Learn properties and application of the 40 Shell Essences, how to prescribe accurately and intuitively. These are presented in the format of the 40 Practitioner Shell Essences
  • Achieve balance in other dimensions of Being-Karma, ‘past lives’, genetic flow and family tree patterns.
  • Gain vital understanding of energy infringements; learn to maintain your own unique ’sound’ (spiritual energy pattern).
  • Understand the special emotional, relationship and lifestyle problems experienced today, and the relevance of Shell Essences to these areas of need.
  • Learn to use Shell Essences to enhance your natural therapy practice.
  • Experience these gentle but profound energies and balance your own well being and health.

No prior knowledge required, workshop is also open for non practitioners to gain insight and healing.

I love to travel and teach, talk to me today about bringing Shell Essences to your home town.

Teaching Shell Essences is a blessing for me! A relaxing workshop with information that is easy to integrate and use.

shell essence

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